How to Install libssreflect-coq in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libssreflect-coq by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libssreflect-coq


small scale reflection library for Coq (theories)

The name Ssreflect stands for "small scale reflection", a style of proof that evolved from the computer-checked proof of the Four Colour Theorem and which leverages the higher-order nature of Coq's underlying logic to provide effective automation for many small, clerical proof steps. This is often accomplished by restating ("reflecting") problems in a more concrete form, hence the name. For example, in the Ssreflect library, arithmetic comparison is not an abstract predicate, but a function computing a boolean. . The Ssreflect distribution comprises two parts: * A new tactic language, which promotes more structured, concise and robust proof scripts, and is in fact independent from the "reflection" proof style. It is implemented as a linkable extension to the Coq system. * A comprehensive set of Coq libraries covering topics as combinatorics and algebra. . This package installs the full Ssreflect distribution.


Version: 1.6.1-3build1

Section: universe/math