How to Install libsezpoz-java in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libsezpoz-java by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libsezpoz-java


Lightweight library for modular service lookups

SezPoz is a lightweight and simple-to-learn library that lets you perform modular service lookups. It provides some of the same capabilities as (for example) java.util.ServiceLoader, Eclipse extension points, and NetBeans Lookup and XML layers. However, SezPoz has some special advantages: . * The service registrations are made just using type-checked Java annotations. There are no configuration files to edit, and your Java IDE can show you registrations since they are simply usages of an annotation. * You can register individual objects (values of static fields or methods) instead of whole classes. * You can associate static metadata with each implementation, using regular annotation values. The caller can choose to inspect the metadata without loading the actual implementation object (as with Eclipse extension points).


Version: 1.10-2

Section: universe/java