How to Install librsyntaxtextarea-java-doc in Ubuntu 18.04

Install librsyntaxtextarea-java-doc by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install librsyntaxtextarea-java-doc


Java library for syntax highlighting text component (documentation)

RSyntaxTextArea extends JTextComponent so it integrates completely with the standard javax.swing.text package. It is fast and efficient, and can be used in any application that needs to edit or view source code. . Some of RSyntaxTextArea's features include: * Syntax highlighting for over 25 programming languages * Find/Replace with standard options * Loading and saving of local or remote files * User-defined macros * Code templates * Unlimited undo/redo * Drag and drop * Edit with multiple fonts simultaneously * Bracket matching * Current line highlighting * Clickable hyperlinks (only certain languages) . This package contains the API documentation of librsyntaxtextarea-java.


Version: 2.5.0-1

Section: universe/doc