How to Install librime-data-zyenpheng in Ubuntu 18.04

Install librime-data-zyenpheng by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install librime-data-zyenpheng


RIME schema data - zyenpheng (a.k.a Medieval Chinese)

RIME is the acronym of Rime Input Method Engine. . RIME is a lightweight, extensible input method engine supporting various input schematas including glyph-based input methods, romanization-based input methods as well as those for Chinese dialects. It has the ability to compose phrases and sentences intelligently and provide very accurate traditional Chinese output. RIME's cross-platform core library is written in C++, and can work consistently on different platforms with OS-specific wrappers. . This package provides the zyenpheng schema data of RIME.


Version: 0.35-1

Section: universe/utils