How to Install libretro-bsnes-mercury-performance in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libretro-bsnes-mercury-performance by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libretro-bsnes-mercury-performance


Libretro wrapper for bsnes-mercury performance core

This wrapper makes bsnes-mercury performance core API compatible with libretro, thus allowing its use with libretro frontends, such as RetroArch. . This core is enabled to emulate only SNES hardware and its subsystems (from the command line only), like Super Game Boy, Satellaview and Sufami Turbo. . bsnes-mercury is a fork of higan, aiming to restore some useful features that have been removed, as well as improving performance a bit. Maximum accuracy is still uncompromisable; anything that affects accuracy is optional and off by default. The name is because metals are shiny, like the accuracy promises of bsnes, and mercury is the fastest metal. . This package comes with the bsnes-mercury performance core, which provides faster emulation at the cost of reduced accuracy, including problems with some games.


Version: 094+git20160126-1ubuntu2

Section: universe/games