How to Install libreadonly-xs-perl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libreadonly-xs-perl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libreadonly-xs-perl


faster Readonly implementation

The Readonly module (q.v.) is an effective way to create non-modifiable variables. However, it's relatively slow. . The reason it's slow is that is implements the read-only-ness of variables via tied objects. This mechanism is inherently slow. Perl simply has to do a lot of work under the hood to make tied variables work. . This module corrects the speed problem, at least with respect to scalar variables. When Readonly::XS is installed, Readonly uses it to access the internals of scalar variables. Instead of creating a scalar variable object and tying it, Readonly simply flips the SvREADONLY bit in the scalar's FLAGS structure.


Version: 1.05-1build5

Section: universe/perl