How to Install librcc0 in Ubuntu 18.04

Install librcc0 by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install librcc0


Library for autoconvert codepages

Originally, the project was aimed to provide means to work with multiple encodings * Language Autodetection * On the fly translation between languages, using online-services! * Encoding Autodetection for most of European Languages1 * Support for encoding detection plugins (besides Enca and LibRCD) * Recoding/translation of multi-language playlists! * Cache to speed-up re-recoding. * Possibility to configure new languages and encodings. * Shared configuration file. For example mentioned TagLib and LibID3 patches do not have their own user interface, but will utilize the same recoding configuration as XMMS. * As well the separate program for configuration adjustment is available. * GTK/GTK2 UI Library: you can add properties page to your GTK+ application with 3 lines of code. * Menu localization opportunity


Version: 0.2.12-0.1

Section: universe/libs