How to Install libpsych-java in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libpsych-java by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libpsych-java


ruby-psych Java extension

ruby-psych is a YAML parser and emitter. Psych leverages libyaml for its YAML parsing and emitting capabilities. In addition to wrapping libyaml, Psych also knows how to serialize and de-serialize most Ruby objects to and from the YAML format. . Psych has been included with the main Ruby implementation since 1.9.2, and is the default YAML parser from 1.9.3 and beyond. . libpsych-java ships the Java extension to improve performance for Ruby implementations running in the JVM, like jruby.


Version: 2.2.4-6build4

Section: universe/java