How to Install libplack-middleware-file-sass-perl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libplack-middleware-file-sass-perl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libplack-middleware-file-sass-perl


Sass and SCSS support for all Plack-based PSGI frameworks

PSGI is a specification to decouple web server environments from web application framework code. Plack is an implementation of PSGI. . Plack::Middleware::File::Sass is a Plack middleware component that works with Plack::App::File or Plack::Middleware::Static to compile Sass templates into CSS stylesheet in every request. . When a request comes in for *.css* file, this middleware changes the internal path to *.sass* or *.scss*, depending on the configuration, in the same directory. If the Sass template is found, a new CSS stylesheet is built on memory and served to the browsers. Otherwise, it falls back to the original *.css* file in the directory. . This middleware should be very handy for the development. While Sass to CSS rendering is reasonably fast, for the production environment you might want to precompile Sass templates to CSS files on disk and serves them with a real web server like nginx or lighttpd. . Text::Sass provides only a limited Sass implementation, so the Ruby implementation is recommended even when Text::Sass is available.


Version: 0.03-4

Section: universe/perl