How to Install libpcre-ocaml in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libpcre-ocaml by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libpcre-ocaml


OCaml bindings for PCRE (runtime)

This OCaml-library interfaces the PCRE (Perl-compatibility regular expressions) C library. it can be used for matching regular expressions which are written in Perl style. . Compared with the OCaml standard library "Str" module, this library: * uses Perl style rather than Emacs one * is reentrant and thus thread safe * is faster (when compiled to native code is even faster than Perl regular expressions) * returns data on which you can safely use destructive updates * gives more "programming comfort" through a better API . This package contains only the shared runtime stub libraries.


Version: 7.2.3-2build1

Section: universe/libs