How to Install libpapyrus3-dev in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libpapyrus3-dev by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libpapyrus3-dev


DICOM compatible file format library

PAPYRUS 3.0 file format based on the new DICOM 3.0 Standard addresses the open interchange of medical images in files or on removable storage media. This specific implementation of the DICOM standard is intended as a generic solution for interchange of multi-modality medical images on removable media. It can also be used for convenient exchange of image data between different computer systems through industry standard file transfer mechanisms. Finally it can also be used for storage and archival of medical image data in a DICOM compatible format. . This package contains the libraries needed to run PAPYRUS 3.0 applications.


Version: 3.7.1+dfsg-2

Section: universe/libdevel