How to Install libpapi5 in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libpapi5 by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libpapi5


PAPI runtime (shared libraries)

Performance Application Programming Interface (PAPI) provides the tool designer and application engineer with a consistent interface and methodology for use of the performance counter hardware found in most major microprocessors. PAPI enables software engineers to see, in near real time, the relation between software performance and processor events. . In addition Component PAPI provides access to a collection of components that expose performance measurement opportunites across the hardware and software stack. . Accessing performance counters from userspace may require reducing the paranoia level in /proc/sys/kernel/perf_event_paranoid, see README.Debian for details. . This package provides the shared library.


Version: 5.6.0-1

Section: universe/libs