How to Install libpam-dynalogin in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libpam-dynalogin by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libpam-dynalogin


two-factor HOTP/TOTP authentication - implementation libs

dynalogin is a two-factor authentication framework based on the HOTP/TOTP (Open Authentication) algorithms. Dynalogin can store credentials in any database supported by UNIXODBC, which makes the solution robust and scalable. It can also store credentials in flat files if desired. dynalogin has been successfully integrated in solutions for OpenID, making it possible to use two-factor authentication with hundreds of other web applications and public web sites. There is a dynalogin soft-token for Android and it also works with Google Authenticator. . This PAM module allows authentication against a dynalogin server anywhere in the network.


Version: 1.0.0-3ubuntu4

Section: universe/admin