How to Install libossp-uuid-perl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libossp-uuid-perl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libossp-uuid-perl


perl OSSP::UUID - OSSP uuid Perl Binding

OSSP uuid is an ISO-C and Perl application programming interface (API) and corresponding command line interface (CLI) for the generation of DCE 1.1 and ISO/IEC 11578:1996 compliant Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). It supports DCE 1.1 variant UUIDs of version 1 (time and node based), version 3 (name based) and version 4 (random number based). . UUIDs are 128 bit numbers which are intended to have a high likelihood of uniqueness over space and time and are computationally difficult to guess. They are globally unique identifiers which can be locally generated without contacting a global registration authority. UUIDs are intended as unique identifiers for both mass tagging objects with an extremely short lifetime and to reliably identifying very persistent objects across a network. . OSSP::uuid provides two Perl APIs: . The OO-style API is a wrapper around the C-style API and intended for high-level and regular programming. . The C-style API is a direct mapping of the OSSP uuid ISO-C API to Perl and is intended for low-level programming. . The Debian package provides also Data::UUID interface so OSSP::uuid can be used as free replacement for non-DFSG Perl module.


Version: 1.6.2-1.5build4

Section: universe/libs