How to Install libopenturns0.10 in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libopenturns0.10 by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libopenturns0.10


dynamic libraries for OpenTURNS

OpenTURNS is a powerful and generic tool to treat and quantify uncertainties in numerical simulations in design, optimization and control. It allows both sensitivity and reliability analysis studies: * define the outputs of interest and decision criteria; * quantify and model the source of uncertainties; * propagate uncertainties and/or analyse sensitivity * rank the sources of uncertainty . OpenTURNS is a large project with more than 300 C++ classes which uses well known and supported software such as R for the statistical methods and BLAS/LAPACK for the linear algebra. . This package provides the dynamic libraries. . The library implements almost all the treatments of uncertainty that OpenTURNS can provide. It is designed to be linked against any user specific application, or with either the textual front-end (see python-openturns or python3-openturns packages). . The main function of that library is giving to specific applications all the functionalities needed to treat uncertainties in studies. Targeted users are all engineers who want to introduce the probabilistic dimension in their so far deterministic studies.


Version: 1.9-5

Section: universe/libs