How to Install libopenturns-dev in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libopenturns-dev by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libopenturns-dev


headers and development libraries for OpenTURNS

OpenTURNS is a powerful and generic tool to treat and quantify uncertainties in numerical simulations in design, optimization and control. It allows both sensitivity and reliability analysis studies: * defining the outputs of interest and decision criterion; * quantify and model the source of uncertainties; * propagate uncertainties and/or analyse sensitivity and * rank the sources of uncertainty . OpenTURNS is a large project with more than 300 C++ classes which uses well known and supported software such as R for the statistical methods and BLAS/LAPACK for the linear algebra. . This package provides the OpenTURNS headers should be used if one wants to link its application against the library.


Version: 1.9-5

Section: universe/libdevel