How to Install libopenjpip-server in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libopenjpip-server by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libopenjpip-server


JPIP server for JPEG 2000 files

OpenJPIP software is an implementation of JPEG 2000 Part9: Interactivity tools, APIs and protocols (JPIP). For more info about JPIP, check the website: The current implementation uses some results from the 2KAN project ( . First Version covers: . - JPT-stream (Tile based) and JPP-stream (Precinct based) media types - Session, channels, cache model managements - JPIP over HTTP - Indexing JPEG 2000 files - Embedding XML formatted metadata - Region Of Interest (ROI) requests


Version: 2.3.0-1

Section: universe/graphics