How to Install libnss3-tools in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnss3-tools by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnss3-tools


Network Security Service tools

This is a set of tools on top of the Network Security Service libraries. This package includes: * certutil: manages certificate and key databases (cert7.db and key3.db) * modutil: manages the database of PKCS11 modules (secmod.db) * pk12util: imports/exports keys and certificates between the cert/key databases and files in PKCS12 format. * shlibsign: creates .chk files for use in FIPS mode. * signtool: creates digitally-signed jar archives containing files and/or code. * ssltap: proxy requests for an SSL server and display the contents of the messages exchanged between the client and server.


Version: 2:3.35-2ubuntu2

Section: universe/admin