How to Install libnoggit-java in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnoggit-java by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnoggit-java


Fast streaming JSON parser for Java

Noggit is the world's fastest streaming JSON parser for Java. Features: * Fast! Measured as the fastest JSON parser on char[], String input. * Streaming API (StAX/pull-parser like) for both easy and efficient parsing * Conforms to the JSON standard: * Memory efficiency * incremental parsing (Reader-based) in order to handle huge messages * a single byte of state needed per nested object or array * does not read large objects (including primitives) completely into memory unless asked * can eliminate most copying, allowing the user to provide the output buffer for values * can handle primitives of any size (does not attempt to parse numerics into a certain language primitives unless asked) * Simple serialization of objects (List, Map, etc) * Optional creation of objects (List, Map, etc) when parsing.


Version: 0.7-1

Section: universe/java