How to Install libnewtonsoft-json-cil-dev in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnewtonsoft-json-cil-dev by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnewtonsoft-json-cil-dev


high-performance JSON framework for .NET -- development files

Json.NET is a high-performance JSON framework for .NET. It has the following features: - Flexible JSON serializer for converting between .NET objects and JSON - LINQ to JSON for manually reading and writing JSON - High performance, faster than .NET's build-in JSON serializers - Write indented, easy to read JSON - Convert JSON to and from XML . The JSON serializer is a good choice when the JSN being read or written maps closely to a .NET class. . LINQ to JSON is good for situations in which there is no class to serialize or deserialize to, or the JSON is radically different from the class structure and manual manipulation is required. . This package contains the development files required to compile applications or libraries against this package.


Version: 6.0.8+dfsg-1

Section: universe/cli-mono