How to Install libnet-server-perl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnet-server-perl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnet-server-perl


extensible, general perl server engine

Net::Server is an extensible, general perl server engine that combines the good properties from Net::Daemon, NetServer::Generic, and Net::FTPServer; and borrows various concepts from the Apache webserver. . Features include: . * Single Server Mode * Inetd Server Mode * Preforking Simple Mode (PreForkSimple) * Preforking Managed Mode (PreFork) * Forking Mode * Multiplexing Mode using a single process * Multi port accepts on Single, Preforking, and Forking modes * Simultaneous accept/recv on tcp, udp, and unix sockets * Safe signal handling in Fork/PreFork avoids perl signal trouble * User customizable hooks * Chroot ability after bind * Change of user and group after bind * Basic allow/deny access control * Customized logging (choose Syslog, log_file, or STDERR) * HUP able server (clean restarts via sig HUP) * Dequeue ability in all Fork and PreFork modes. * Taint clean * Written in Perl * Protection against buffer overflow * Clean process flow * Extensibility


Version: 2.009-1

Section: perl