How to Install libnet-interface-perl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnet-interface-perl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnet-interface-perl


Perl module for manipulating host network interfaces

Net::Interface is a module that allows access to the host network interfaces in a manner similar to ifconfig(8). Version 1.00 is a complete re-write and includes support for IPV6 as well as the traditional IPV4. . Both read and write access to network device attributes including the creation of new logical and physical interfaces is available where supported by the OS and this module. . NOTE: Many of the operations of Net::Interface, particularly those that set interface values require privileged access to OS resources. Wherever possible, Net::Interface will simply fail softly when there are not adequateprivileges to perform the requested operation or where the operation is not supported.


Version: 1.016-1build1

Section: universe/perl