How to Install libnet-dns-fingerprint-perl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnet-dns-fingerprint-perl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnet-dns-fingerprint-perl


library to determine DNS server vendor, product and version

Identifying individual nameserver implementations is based on "borderline" protocol behaviour. The DNS protocol offers a multitude of message bits, response types, opcodes, classes, query types and label types in a fashion that makes some mutually exclusive while some are not used in a query messages at all. . Not every implementation offers the full set of features the DNS protocol set currently has. Some implementations offer features outside the protocol set, and there are implementations that do not conform to standards. . Amongst the servers it is able to identify are: . - VGRS ATLAS - BIND (v4, v8, v9) - eNom DNS - Incognito DNS commander - MARADNS - MS Server NT4/2000/2003 - MyDNS - Net::DNS::Namesever - Nominnum ANS/CNS - NonSequitur DNS - NSD - Oak DNS - Pliant DNS Server - Posadis - PowerDNS - QuickDNS - Rbldnsd - Simple DNS plus - TinyDNS - TotD - UltraDNS - pdnsd - Yaku-NS - DeleGate DNS proxy - sheerdns - dproxy - dnrd - JDNSS - javadns jnamed - Nomde DNS tunnel - Viking DNS server - small HTTP server - Cisco Network Registrar - Netnumber ENUM server - RaidenDNSD - Runtop Implementation - Mikrotik Implementation - Axis Video Network Implementation - Fasthosts Envisage DNS server - WinGate DNS - Ascenvision SwiftDNS - Nortel Networks Instant Internet - Nortel Networks Alteon ACEswitch - Aethra ATOS Stargate ADSL - 3Com Office Connect Remote - 4d WebSTAR - Netopia Implementation - DNS4me - Tzolkin DNS service - jdns javadns service - dents


Version: 20130404-1

Section: universe/perl