How to Install libnet-dhcp-perl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnet-dhcp-perl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnet-dhcp-perl


Perl interface for handling DHCP packets

Net::DHCP is a release of the DHCP protocol interface to Perl 5. There are two parts to the interface: the packet component (Net::DHCP::Packet) and the constants component (Net::DHCP::Constants) which represents constants used in DHCP protocol, defined in RFC 1533, RFC 2132, RFC 2241, RFC 2485, RFC 2563, RFC 2937, RFC 3004, RFC 3011, RFC 3046. . With Net::DHCP you can create and analyze DHCP packets which are sent or received with the help of IO::Socket::INET.


Version: 0.696+dfsg-1

Section: universe/perl