How to Install libnabrit3 in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libnabrit3 by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libnabrit3


LV2 bridging helper library

NASPRO Bridge it is a little helper library to develop insert-your-API-here to LV2 bridges. . As of now, it basically offers a few utility functions and Turtle/RDF serialization for LV2 dynamic manifest generation, supporting the following LV2 specifications/extensions: * LV2 revision 4.0; * LV2 Dynamic Manifest revision 1.0; * Extended Port Information draft revision 3 (only for the logarithmic port property); * LV2 Events revision 1.0; * LV2 MIDI Events revision 1.0. . It is written in C99 and is almost entirely reentrant and thread-safe. . This package includes the shared library object.


Version: 0.5.1-2

Section: universe/libs