How to Install libmygui.ogreplatform0debian1v5 in Ubuntu 18.04

Install libmygui.ogreplatform0debian1v5 by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libmygui.ogreplatform0debian1v5


Fast, simple and flexible GUI - Ogre interface

MyGUI is a GUI library which aims to be fast, flexible and simple GUIs in C++. Features include Layout Editor. Multicolour text. Per pixel cut. Changing alpha support for widgets (also in states configuration). Interface localisation. Fast RTTI for safe casts. Tool tips. Animated cursors and pictures. User xml resources. Truetype fonts and fonts from texture. Widgets controllers (moving, fading and so on). Flexible configuration in xml config file. Subskins with tiling, with direct access to texture. Possibility to store any data in widgets items. Skin themes. Wrappers for fast UI development. Drag'n'drop. . This package contains the MyGUI interface to the Ogre graphics engine.


Version: 3.2.2+dfsg-1

Section: universe/libs