How to Install ejabberd-mod-shcommands in Ubuntu 18.04

Install ejabberd-mod-shcommands by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ejabberd-mod-shcommands


execute shell commands via XMPP (dangerous!)

WARNING: USE THIS MODULE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! This module allows ejabberd administrators to remotely execute shell commands which could compromise both the ejabberd server and the whole machine. . This module provides the ejabberd server administrator a method to remotely execute shell commands through the ejabberd server. . It provides a page in the ejabberd Web Admin which only the administrators of the whole server can access. . Three types of commands are possible: * ejabberd_ctl: makes a call to ejabberd_ctl; * erlang shell: executes an erlang command; * system shell: executes a command on the system shell. The result of the execution will be shown. . In the system shell, only non-interactive commands will work correctly, for example this will work: ps -all Don't use commands that start an interactive mode: DON'T TRY THIS: top DON'T TRY THIS: vim readme.txt . This module does not check if the commands are dangerous or problematic, so this module is only recommended for experienced ejabberd and Erlang/OTP administrators. USE THIS MODULE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!


Version: 0.2018.01.12~dfsg0-1

Section: universe/net