How to Install ebook-speaker in Ubuntu 18.04

Install ebook-speaker by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ebook-speaker


eBook reader that reads aloud in a synthetic voice

This package provides a command-line e-reader that reads out electronic text using speech synthesis. It has a simple user interface appropriate for Braille terminals. . Currently the following formats are supported (some formats need additional packages as suggested by this package): AportisDoc ASCII mail text ASCII text Broadband eBooks (BBeB) Composite Document File (Microsoft Office Word) DAISY3 DTBook EPUB ebook data GIF image data GutenPalm zTXT GNU gettext message catalogue HTML document ISO-8859 text JPEG image data Microsoft Reader eBook Data Microsoft Windows HtmlHelp Data Microsoft Word 2007+ Mobipocket E-book MS Windows HtmlHelp Data Netpbm PPM data OpenDocument Text PDF document PeanutPress PalmOS PNG image data POSIX shell script text PostScript document Rich Text Format troff or preprocessor text (e.g. Linux man-pages) UTF-8 Unicode mail text UTF-8 Unicode text WordPerfect XML document text


Version: 5.0.0-1

Section: universe/sound