How to Install ea-utils in Ubuntu 18.04

Install ea-utils by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ea-utils


command-line tools for processing biological sequencing data

Ea-utils provides a set of command-line tools for processing biological sequencing data, barcode demultiplexing, adapter trimming, etc. . Primarily written to support an Illumina based pipeline - but should work with any FASTQs. . Main Tools are: . * fastq-mcf Scans a sequence file for adapters, and, based on a log-scaled threshold, determines a set of clipping parameters and performs clipping. Also does skewing detection and quality filtering. * fastq-multx Demultiplexes a fastq. Capable of auto-determining barcode id's based on a master set fields. Keeps multiple reads in-sync during demultiplexing. Can verify that the reads are in-sync as well, and fail if they're not. * fastq-join Similar to audy's stitch program, but in C, more efficient and supports some automatic benchmarking and tuning. It uses the same "squared distance for anchored alignment" as other tools. * varcall Takes a pileup and calculates variants in a more easily parameterized manner than some other tools.


Version: 1.1.2+dfsg-4build1

Section: universe/science