How to Install dvbsnoop in Ubuntu 18.04

Install dvbsnoop by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install dvbsnoop


DVB / MPEG stream analyzer

This sniffer program can monitor, analyze, debug, dump or view DVB / MPEG / DSM-CC / MHP stream information: * ISO/DVB basic sections: BAT, PAT, SDT, NIT, ... * DSM-CC: INT, MPE, MPE FEC, Datagram, ... * TS (Transport Stream), PS (Program Stream), PES (Packetized Elementary Stream) . Input can be a live stream from a DVB card, or a recorded stream. . For DVB cards, it can also dump frontend information and status, and make a PID scan.


Version: 1.4.50-5ubuntu2

Section: universe/misc