How to Install dumphd in Ubuntu 18.04

Install dumphd by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install dumphd


HD-DVD/Blu-Ray decrypter

Decrypt HD DVD and Blu-ray movies and store on your HDD. o Dual-Core supported decryption of EVO / M2TS files (for harddisk to o harddisk speed records ;o)) o Support for every pack type of an EVO (including in-place decryption of o ADV_PCKs, excluding Sequence Key Sections) o Decryption of every ARF protection type o Multiple files (currently CLI only) or complete disc mode o Usage of a key database to get the decryption keys or direct retrieval of o the keys off the source disc o Supports HD-DVDs for Standard / Advanced Content (but not both on the same o disc), Blu-Ray ROM BDMV o Experimental Blu-Ray Recordable support (with multiple CPS Units, BDMV, o BDAV with Aux Directories and Thumbnails) o Automatic BD+ removal using the BDVM Debugger or manually by supplying a o correct Conversion Table (currently CLI only) o Streaming output of EVO / M2TS files to stdout o Very much console output for free ;o) o GUI


Version: 0.61-0.4ubuntu1

Section: universe/video