How to Install dphys-config in Ubuntu 18.04

Install dphys-config by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install dphys-config


Tool to distribute config files by fetching them

This project is aimed at automatically installing (and keeping update) site specific config files on many hosts, after preprocessing them (conditional content and include files and include sections). . It's installed on the client receiving the configuration files and fetches them regularly via cron-jobs or on demand from the commandline. . It also triggers postinstall scripts whenever their associated config file has been changed. It can also remove config files, including running an preremove script before doing so. All this is driven by an simple config file list. . dphys-config is capable of reporting update failure or success to a Xymon (formerly Hobbit) monitoring server. . dphys-config features an interactive mode and a non-interactive diff mode to check what would be updated.


Version: 20130301~current-5

Section: universe/admin