How to Install dose-extra in Ubuntu 18.04

Install dose-extra by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install dose-extra


Extra QA tools from the Dose3-library

This package contains extra tools for analyzing meta-data of software packages: - ceve, a general metadata parser supporting different input formats (Debian, rpm, and others) and different output formats. - dose-outdated, a Debian-specific tool for finding packages that are not installable with respect to a package repository, and that can only be made installable again by fixing the package itself. - dose-challenged, a Debian-specific tool for checking which packages will certainly become uninstallable when some existing package is upgraded to a newer version. - dose-deb-coinstall, a Debian-specific tool for checking whether a set of packages can be installed all together. The tools dose-distcheck and dose-builddebcheck are packaged in their own resepective packages.


Version: 5.0.1-9build3

Section: universe/devel