How to Install dogtag-pki in Ubuntu 18.04

Install dogtag-pki by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install dogtag-pki


Dogtag Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Suite

The Dogtag Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Suite is comprised of the following five subsystems and a client (for use by a Token Management System): . * Certificate Authority (CA) * Data Recovery Manager (DRM) * Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Manager * Token Key Service (TKS) * Token Processing System (TPS) * Enterprise Security Client (ESC) . Additionally, it provides a console GUI application used for server and user/group administration of CA, DRM, OCSP, and TKS, javadocs on portions of the Dogtag API, as well as various command-line tools used to assist with a PKI deployment.


Version: 10.6.0-1ubuntu2

Section: universe/java