How to Install docker-doc in Ubuntu 18.04

Install docker-doc by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install docker-doc


Linux container runtime -- documentation

Docker complements kernel namespacing with a high-level API which operates at the process level. It runs unix processes with strong guarantees of isolation and repeatability across servers. . Docker is a great building block for automating distributed systems: large-scale web deployments, database clusters, continuous deployment systems, private PaaS, service-oriented architectures, etc. . This package contains the daemon and client. Using on non-amd64 hosts is not supported at this time. Please be careful when using it on anything besides amd64. . Also, note that kernel version 3.8 or above is required for proper operation of the daemon process, and that any lower versions may have subtle and/or glaring issues. . This package provides documentation for Docker.


Version: 17.12.1-0ubuntu1

Section: universe/doc