How to Install developers-reference-it in Ubuntu 18.04

Install developers-reference-it by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install developers-reference-it


guidelines and information for Debian developers, in Italian

This package contains the Italian translation of Debian Developer's Reference (package: developers-reference), a set of guidelines and best practices which has been established by and for the community of Debian developers. If you are not a Debian developer, you probably do not need this package. . Table of Contents (in English): . 1. Scope of This Document 2. Applying to Become a Maintainer 3. Debian Developer's Duties 4. Resources for Debian Developers and Debian Maintainers 5. Managing Packages 6. Best Packaging Practices 7. Beyond Packaging 8. Internationalization and Translations

Version: 3.4.19

Section: universe/doc