How to Install dehydrated-hook-ddns-tsig in Ubuntu 18.04

Install dehydrated-hook-ddns-tsig by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install dehydrated-hook-ddns-tsig


dehydrated dns-01 challenge response support

This package provides a hook script to serve dns-01 challenge responses for dehydated. . It uses the dnspython API to perform dynamic DNS updates, creating a temporary TXT record for the given domain, thereby proving ownership of the domain. It requires a DNS-server capable of performing dynamic DNS updates, like bind9. There is no need for the DNS-server to run on the local machine. . This is especially useful if you want to create ACME certificates for servers that do not serve HTTP and/or are not exposed to the public internet.


Version: 0.1.2-3

Section: universe/misc