How to Install debram in Ubuntu 18.04

Install debram by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install debram


ramified catalog of available commands

Debian GNU/Linux provides thousands upon daunting thousands of commands. Sorting them into broad classes then dividing and redividing them into finer, more specific branches, the Debram ramifies Debian's commands in much the same manner as a university library ramifies its books. If you know what you want your computer to do but do not yet know the command to do it, you can find the command here. . (The Debram package used also -- indeed mainly -- to include a much larger and more important ramification of Debian *packages,* along with a browsing tool; but Debtags has superseded Debram in those respects. What the Debram package still includes however is the Command Selection Guide, which though somewhat outdated may still be of use.)


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