How to Install debmake in Ubuntu 18.04

Install debmake by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install debmake


helper script to make the Debian source package

This package helps you to convert an upstream source package (or VCS contents) into the Debian package by adding files required for the Debian source package. The generated debian/rules file uses the new dh command syntax from the debhelper (>=9) package. . The debmake command invoked in the upstream source tree without any option can generate files which is good enough to create a single arch=any Debian binary package for local use without touching them. The generated files should be edited to make it conform to the Debian policy if the package is to be uploaded to the Debian archive. By adding few options, this command can generate template files for the arbitrary combination of the multi-binary and multi-arch package, etc. This includes making of the rules file for the -dbg package and the control file for the multiarch library package. . This debmake command also scans copyright and license texts in the source files to help crafting the proper DEP-5 compatible debian/copyright file. It does more than what licensecheck(1) offers.


Version: 4.2.9-1

Section: universe/devel