How to Install debian-faq in Ubuntu 18.04

Install debian-faq by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install debian-faq


Debian Frequently Asked Questions

In this package you will find the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ, which gives frequently asked questions (with their answers!) about the Debian distribution (Debian GNU/Linux and others) and about the Debian project. Some answers assume some knowledge of Unix-like operating systems. However, as little prior knowledge as possible is assumed: answers to general beginners questions will be kept simple. . This document is available at as well as from the Debian ftp server at and mirrors thereof. . The document is supplied in HTML, PDF, PostScript and plain text. . If you're new to Debian, and like to read documentation from your local system, without using the network, install this package.


Version: 8.1ubuntu1

Section: universe/doc