How to Install dbskkd-cdb in Ubuntu 18.04

Install dbskkd-cdb by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install dbskkd-cdb


SKK dictionary server using cdb for faster access

dbskkd-cdb is a dictionary server for SKK Japanese input systems, using D. J. Bernstein's cdb database for faster dictionary access. . dbskkd-cdb is compatible with skkserv on the protocol behavior. It is called from an internet super-server. . This package uses the SKK dictionary cdb file `SKK-JISYO.cdb' that is provided by the skkdic-cdb package. . If you want to convert your own dictionary to cdb, use the `makeskkcdbdic' command. This command requires the tinycdb package.


Version: 1:3.00-1

Section: universe/utils