How to Install cyclist in Ubuntu 18.04

Install cyclist by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cyclist


Utility for converting Max/MSP binary patches to text

cyclist is a command line utility for converting the .mxb binary format for Max/MSP patches into the .mxt/.pat text format. It is part of the Cyclone library for Pure Data, which aims to bring some level of compatibility between the Max/MSP and Pd environments. Although being itself in the early stage of development, it is meant to eventually become part of a much larger project, aiming at unification and standardization of computer musician's tools. . In its current form, cyclone is mainly for people using both Max and Pd, and thus wanting to develop cross-platform patches. In this respect, cyclone has much in common with Thomas Grill's flext, and flext-based externals. While flext enables developing new cross-platform classes, cyclone makes existing classes cross-platform. . Cyclone also comes handy, somewhat, in the task of importing Max/MSP patches into Pd. Do not expect miracles, though, it is usually not an easy task.


Version: 0.2~beta3-4

Section: universe/sound