How to Install context-modules in Ubuntu 18.04

Install context-modules by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install context-modules


additional ConTeXt modules

ConTeXt is a document-production system based, like LaTeX, on the TeX typesetting system. Whereas LaTeX insulates the writer from typographical details, ConTeXt takes a complementary approach by providing structured interfaces for handling typography, including extensive support for colors, backgrounds, hyperlinks, presentations, figure-text integration, and conditional compilation. It gives the user extensive control over formatting while making it easy to create new layouts and styles without learning the TeX macro language. ConTeXt's unified design averts the package clashes that can happen with LaTeX. . This package includes the following additional ConTeXt modules: account, algorithmic, animation, annotation, bnf, chromato, cmscbf, cmttbf, construction-plan, cyrillicnumbers, degrade, fancybreak, filter, french, fullpage, gantt, gnuplot, inifile, layout, letter, lettrine, mathsets, notes-zh-cn, rst, ruby, simplefonts, simpleslides, title, transliterator, typearea, typescripts, vim, visualcounter.

Version: 20170613-2

Section: universe/tex