How to Install config-package-dev in Ubuntu 18.04

Install config-package-dev by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install config-package-dev


Debhelper (and CDBS) modules for building configuration packages

This package contains a system of modules for creating Debian configuration packages: packages that configure an existing Debian system by using dpkg-divert on configuration files. These modules attempt to make the process of creating configuration packages efficient by checking the md5sums of upstream configuration files that are to be modified and automatically generating the relevant postinst code to perform the diversions using the standard debhelper mechanism. In addition to a debhelper command and sequencer extension module, CDBS modules are also included, but future development will focus on the debhelper interface. . The config-package-dev modules are optimized for site defaults (i.e. configuration for a university or a company), though they are useful for other applications as well.


Version: 5.5

Section: universe/devel