How to Install coinor-libflopc++0v5-dbg in Ubuntu 18.04

Install coinor-libflopc++0v5-dbg by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install coinor-libflopc++0v5-dbg


Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++

An open source algebraic modelling language implemented as a C++ class library. Using FLOPC++, linear optimization models can be specified in a declarative style, similar to algebraic modelling languages such as GAMS and AMPL, within a C++ program. As a result the traditional strengths of algebraic modelling languages are preserved, while embedding linear optimization models in software applications is facilitated. . Coinor-flopc++ is part of the larger COIN-OR initiative (Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research). . This package contains the debug symbols.


Version: 1.0.6-3.1ubuntu3

Section: universe/debug