How to Install cme in Ubuntu 18.04

Install cme by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cme


Check or edit configuration data with Config::Model

cme provides a command to check or edit configuration data with Config::Model. . cme and Config::Model are quite modular: the configuration data that you can edit depend on installed packages. I.e.: - ssh client or ssh daemon config: libconfig-model-openssh-perl - approx config: libconfig-model-approx-perl - lcdproc config: libconfig-model-lcdproc-perl - popcon config: provided with libconfig-model-perl - systemd config: provided with libconfig-model-systemd-perl . Some applications can be handled by cme: - Debian package files: libconfig-model-dpkg-perl - multistrap files: provided with libconfig-model-perl . You can also choose a user interface: - graphical, based on Tk: libconfig-model-tkui-perl - curses based: libconfig-model-cursesui-perl - simple shell: provided with libconfig-model-perl . Last but not least, you can also take a stab at maintaining configuration model with libconfig-model-itself-perl.


Version: 1.026-1

Section: universe/perl