How to Install cmake-fedora in Ubuntu 18.04

Install cmake-fedora by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cmake-fedora


Set of scripts and cmake modules that simplify the release process

cmake-fedora is designed to relieve you from chores of releasing software by: . - Keeping the consistency of release information such as version and update messages in: - Release notes - ChangeLog - Tags - Spec file - Fedpkg commit message - Bodhi notes - Source archive depends on the files to be packed. - Run rpmlint and koji scratch build before tag as sanity checks. - Easy upload to scp, sftp hosting services sites. - Translation targets like gettext and Zanata. - Provide license information and templates of CMakeLists.txt, spec files for new packages. . while avoid some pitfalls like all junk files are packed.


Version: 2.7.2-1

Section: universe/devel