How to Install cltl in Ubuntu 18.04

Install cltl by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cltl


Common Lisp the Language, second edition, book (Pre-ANSI)

This package installs the HTML version of Guy L. Steele book Common Lisp the Language, second edition. This book describes a snapshot of the Common Lisp language during the period that the ANSI Common Lisp standard was created. Thus, this book describe a NON-STANDARD version of Common Lisp which is similar to, but is *NOT*, ANSI Common Lisp. . For reference on ANSI Common Lisp, use the Debian package "hyperspec". This book is included in Debian because, while it does differ from the ANSI standard, it has more details than the "hyperspec" about the design and usage of Lisp. . This package does not contain the actual HTML files, but rather downloads the HTML archive from the Internet and then installs it.

Version: 1.0.28

Section: multiverse/doc