How to Install chiark-scripts in Ubuntu 18.04

Install chiark-scripts by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install chiark-scripts


chiark system administration scripts

This package contains a number of small administration scripts used by and other systems belonging to the Sinister Greenend Organisation. Featuring: . chiark-named-conf: a tool for managing nameserver configurations and checking for suspected DNS problems. Its main functions are to check that delegations are appropriate and working, that secondary zones are slaved from the right places, and to generate a configuration for BIND, from its own input file. . sync-accounts: a simple but flexible account info synchroniser. sync-accounts is a tool for copying un*x account data from remote systems and installing it locally. It is flexible and reasonably straightforward, but lacks integration with other distributed databases such as NIS. . cvs-repomove and cvs-adjustroot: tools for moving CVS repositories and adjusting working trees. . palm-datebook-reminders: a program which emails mails you reminders about the appointments in your Palm's Datebook. . cvsweb-list: cgi program to list ucgi (userv-utils) cvsweb repos . expire-iso8601: keep or expire backup trees named after their dates . gnucap2genspic, ngspice2genspic, genspic2gnuplot: convert gnucap files and ngspice output files to genspic and genspic files to gnuplot input so they can be plotted. . hexterm: connects to serial port and allows the user interact in ASCII and hex. Ie, a hex "terminal" program which lets you speak a serial port protocol directly. (Needs tcl8.4 to be installed.) . git-branchmove, random-word, remountresizereiserfs, summarise-mailbox-preserving-privacy

Version: 5.0.2

Section: universe/admin