How to Install canmatrix-utils in Ubuntu 18.04

Install canmatrix-utils by entering the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install canmatrix-utils


Handle CAN (Controller Area Network) descriptions - cmdline utilities

Canmatrix implements a "Python CAN Matrix Object" which describes the CAN-communication itself and some auxiliary objects (Boardunits, Frames, Signals, Values, ...) Canmatrix also includes two Tools (canconvert and cancompare) for converting and comparing CAN databases. There are also some extract and merge options for dealing with CAN databases. . Supported file formats for import: * .dbc candb / Vector * .dbf Busmaster (open source!) * .kcd kayak (open source!) * .arxml autosar system description * .yaml dump of the Python object * .xls(x) excel xls-import, works with .xls-file generated by this lib * .sym peak pcan can description Supported file formats for export: * .dbc * .dbf * .kcd * .xls(x) * .json Canard (open source!) * .arxml (very basic implementation) * .yaml (dump of the Python object) * .sym . This package provides the cmdline tools.


Version: 0.6-2

Section: universe/electronics